Security camera in school hallway

Reliable Networks combining learning and safety

The rapid changes taking place in technology are posing many opportunities and challenges for schools today. In the classroom, these opportunities include greater access to multimedia content, remote learning, collaboration tools and much more. For school administrators, technology also allows for improved communication, continuing education for teachers, and integrated security systems. Schools must continue to evolve their networks to support tomorrow’s advances.

LTW’s expertise can help you make the right decisions. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to understand your challenges, identify your goals and create an integrated solution that will satisfy your needs.

Smart Wi-Fi Access

Every school in today’s world needs to support a high density, secure and reliable Wi-Fi network. LTW can design, deploy and maintain WLAN networks that are purpose built for education environments to support interactive classrooms, BYOD, VOIP, IP VOD, IPTV streaming, guest access, staff administration and outdoor events and venues.


In today’s world, the security of our children is a top concern. LTW is a highly regarded integrator of video surveillance and access control solutions. Our staff has decades of experience designing, upgrading and migrating security solutions for education clients. We can develop a solution that can monitor almost any asset in your environment or integrate to other systems including the local PD.

The three main areas of focus in security include:

Access control: Protect your school from unwanted visitors by securing entrances and exits with IP-based access control.

Video surveillance: Keep a watchful eye 24/7 with wired or wireless, digital or IP-based video, single or multi-camera monitoring solutions.

Visitor management systems: Replace paper-based sign-in logs with automated visitor registration and capture the information in a database for tracking and analysis.

Point-to-Point Wireless Connections

LTW can provide school districts or campuses the capability to wirelessly connect buildings or outdoor facilities on a campus or across town. School districts can bypass costly recurring lease expenses associated with copper and fiber from the major carriers, using wireless microwave’s high data-transmission rates to achieve an accelerated return on investment.

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Security camera in school hallway

Case Study

Mahwah Public Schools – LTW leverages Genetec Security Center to create IP-based security network and provide advanced security, peace of mind

Ensuring security in an unsecure world
The need for enhanced security in today’s school environments has never been greater because, with incidents across the country leading the news, you never know what the next threat looks like, nor can you calculate the potential for harm.

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Wireless antenna over fields

Case Study

Egg Harbor School District – Raising the wireless networking bar with Ceragon technology, LTW expertise

Today’s schools need more speed and reliable access
Today’s school children do not remember life before the Internet and grew up on a steady diet of online learning and digital interaction. Their school environment reflects the Internet’s ubiquity with wireless technologies used in the classroom, a growing digital curriculum, and mandated online testing and assessments.

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