Company Overview

LTW is a leading systems integrator, specializing in network, wireless and security technologies.

We provide turnkey solutions, offering services across the entire project lifecycle. Based in northern New Jersey, our clients are primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region, though we serve and support clients across the entire country.

With over 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success, LTW’s roster of satisfied clients continues to grow. Our government, public safety, education, healthcare, hospitality and enterprise clients recognize that by partnering with LTW, they are partnering with the best.

With roots dating back to the late 1980’s, LTW has evolved much like the technologies we integrate, though throughout our evolution, LTW’s core purpose has remained unchanged: to provide optimal solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs, to provide value over the long-term, and to partner with our clients in achieving their goals. At LTW, we have never wavered from a steadfast commitment to our clients. Our business is built on their trust, a trust we work hard to earn each and every day.

LTW’s reputation has been earned by delivering scalable, leading-edge solutions that are reliable and lasting, responsive to clients’ requirements and budgets, and that provide for flexibility to address evolving client needs. Our success is the result of several factors:

  • Empowering and educating clients. We work with clients to ensure they understand their options and are confident in their decisions.
  • Rescuing failed projects. We are frequently called in to rectify a project when another systems integrator has failed to meet the client’s needs. We engage clients to understand their end goals and take the necessary steps to achieve the intended solutions.
  • Turning competitors into partners. Many companies that we once considered our competition recognize and respect our capabilities, routinely referring us to their clients and including us in projects where we complement their expertise.
  • Implementing tomorrow’s mainstream solutions today. Through enduring industry relationships and our own in-house expertise, we are positioned to act on the solutions potential of technology advances. We have been at the forefront of many groundbreaking systems implementations, from wireless wide area networks to integrated security systems in major metropolitan cities.

At LTW, we never walk away until the project is executed both to our client’s satisfaction and our own professional standards. This passion is evident to our clients in everything we do; it is the foundation for building and retaining their trust.

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