Mission & Approach

LTW is comprised of passionate, experienced professionals working as a team to design and deliver optimal technology solutions to address the needs of our clients. As a premier systems integrator, our engineered designs, implementation processes and post-installation support and maintenance programs are geared toward providing long-term reliability and value.

Commoditized solutions can work for the short-term; LTW provides value for the long-term. Product agnostic, LTW leverages the technical expertise and experience of our people to ensure client satisfaction. By anticipating future goals and remaining flexible in addressing evolving needs, LTW builds durable partnerships with our clients with a single purpose in mind: helping our clients to achieve their goals.

Bring us a problem; we’ll create a solution

Customized solutions require a consistent approach. To be responsive to the unique requirements of each project design, deployment and installation, LTW employs a proven approach characterized by several constants.

  • We dedicate an expert team to every project. LTW’s highly trained personnel have the technical expertise, the engineering proficiency, the project management skills and the extensive real-world experience to ensure success. We staff each project with a lead project manager, a lead engineer and a lead installer to provide seamless internal communication, a constant dialogue with our clients across all relevant functional areas, and consistency throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • We design with scalability in mind. LTW designs solutions to satisfy the current needs of our clients while also preparing them for their future growth requirements. Whether you’re piloting a small-scale system with the intention to go large-scale or waiting for the next wave of innovation, we ensure today’s implementation is equipped for tomorrow’s advances without requiring forklift upgrades.
  • We focus on interoperability. LTW excels in taking individual products and creating integrated solutions. By employing open technology standards, LTW maximizes interoperability across disparate platforms, protecting your hardware and software investments and making it easier to expand your system’s capabilities in the future.
  • We remain product agnostic. LTW doesn’t sell product; we provide solutions. By maintaining strong relationships with a broad group of vendors and distributors, we’re able to design tailored solutions. Whether leading edge or tried and true, we’ll deliver the right technology – the technology that best fits your needs.

LTW’s approach enables us to provide stable and enduring solutions to even the most complex client problems, ensuring both client satisfaction and that our own exacting standards are met.

We Do it All — And We Get it Right

LTW has the resident expertise to design, implement and maintain turnkey solutions. At LTW, every project is mission critical. We deliver what we promise because your success is our mission.

Ready to get started?

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