Your single-source networking systems
integration partner

enterpriseLTW excels in integrating networking and wireless communication technologies. LTW creates enterprise networks that work. Whether your enterprise has 10 computers or 1,000, LTW can design, implement and support a network solution across your enterprise that is:

  • Reliable: Delivers consistent high speed performance with built-in redundancies, free from interruptions and unplanned outages
  • Secure: Provides protection from hackers, unauthorized users, and other threats
  • Manageable: Network topologies that make it easy to deploy updates and patches and open architectures for simplified addition or removal of applications and hardware
  • Scalable: Expandable to accommodate additional users, hardware, applications or throughput without negatively impacting network performance
  • Flexible: Able to add increased functionality, advanced features and bandwidth


Ensuring the highest level of network protection

LTW places a strong emphasis on network security. We implement the technologies, tools and processes to protect your valuable data incorporating:

  • Strong encryption and multiple levels of authentication
  • Wireless intrusion prevention systems
  • Virtual LANs to give users access to only select areas on the network
  • Firewalls to prevent hackers from penetrating your network via the Internet



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